Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Ken revisits childhood home on Tulse Hill estate

When residents of the Tulse Hill estate answered a knock on their door on Tuesday evening, they were surprised to find Ken Livingstone standing on their doorstep.

The former Mayor of London was visiting the estate where he grew up so as to introduce Ruth Ling, the Labour candidate in the Tulse Hill by-election to be held on 1 July, to local people.

Ken was born in Shrubbery Road, Streatham, but then moved to Irby House on the Tulse Hill estate, and attended Tulse Hill Comprehensive School before being elected as a Lambeth councillor in 1971.

“He got a great reception, with several families inviting him into their homes and kids clamouring round him,” says Ruth. “A number of families had their photo taken with him and lots of people came up and shook hands with him. He’s still very popular with Londoners and hopes to make a comeback as Mayor in 2012.”

Council Leader Steve Reed and several other Lambeth councillors joined Ken Livingstone and Ruth Ling on the estate walkabout on 8 June.

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